Premium Archetypal Analysis By Individualogist Review

[Short Summary:] Premium Archetypal Analysis is a program that helps you discover your dominant archetype and its incarnations. Click This Special Link To Take Archetype Quiz And Get FREE Personalized Archetype Reading. You can utilize this information in your life to live a happy and successful life.

Do you have a lot of questions like, who are you? What are your talents? What is the best career for you? What is the true purpose of your life? At some stage, everyone has these types of questions but not everyone gets the answer. The answer to these questions might be simple though, you are acting against your Archetype.

Everyone has one of the twelve archetypes. These archetypes are something that carries strengths, weakness, fear, likes, dislikes, desires, goals, future and more. It is important to get proper knowledge about your archetype to live a successful, happier and healthy life.

12 ArchetypesFinding your archetype may be easy but decoding its values and information is difficult for an average person. Thankfully, some online services are offering personalized archetypal report in which they simplified the process to the point that anyone can understand about his or her Archetype and choose life path according to strengths and talent.

Individualogist is the website by Sharon Faust in which you can download your personalized Premium Archetypal Analysis reports and find out about your strengths and weakness so that you can live a life you always want it to be.

In this Premium Archetypal Analysis review, we are going to talk a look at what you will find inside this book and if it is worth the investment or not.

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Let’s start this review.

What You Will Get In Premium Archetypal Analysis Program?

Those who don’t know, Premium Archetypal Analysis program by Individualogist contains five different eBooks. These ebooks are put in order to help you decode the information that your dominant archetype wants to tell you.

These five books are:

  • Individuation Fundamentals
  • Archetypal Profile
  • Archetypal Incarnations
  • Archetypal Odyssey
  • Archetypal Exercise Guide

I’ll tell more about these books in a little while. Besides these main books, you will also get three bonus guides that are:

  • Exploring Your Birthday With The Chinese Zodiac
  • Discovering Your Aura
  • Beginners Guide To Fengshui Paradigm

The best part, this program is available in digital format. This means you have two advantages. First, you get instant access to this program. Second, you can download these books in your desktop, laptop or smartphone and access it from anywhere and anytime. Make sure you get some free time to understand your archetype and its incarnations (qualities).

Archetype Quiz

What Is Premium Archetypal Analysis All About?

Premium Archetypal Analysis

This is the personalized archetypal report provided by Individualogist in which you will find out your real archetype. By knowing your real archetype, you will able to remove negativity from your personality, Shadow, Ego, Anima/Animus and your life path.

According to the author, Sharon Faust, the shadow is the darkest side of your personality that controls your thoughts and desires that are stored in your life. Your Ego is the center of consciousness that should be in control to live a happy and joyful life.

Individualogist Archetypal Analysis is like a complete program that contains five eBooks (or you can say five steps) and the sole purpose of this program is to deliver you all the information that you must know to live an ideal life. (we’ll talk about these steps in a little bit)

This report provides mind-blowing information which is very accurate and incredible to understand it. Using this report, every user is able to discover the hidden truth of his life and identify every single thing about his character, talent, love ones, and his life path.

How Does Premium Archetypal Analysis Really Work?

If I have to define this program in a few words, then I would say, Sharon Faust’s Premium Archetypal Analysis is the complete breakdown of your archetype. This program is divided into 5 steps and each step is defined in detail in each eBook.

So, these steps are:

1st Step – Individuation Fundamentals:

This Individuation Fundamentals step talks about the individuation journey. In this step, you will learn some new ‘words and phrases’ that are connected with your Shadow, Ego and other entities.

The main objective of this step is to make you familiar with these words and phrases to enhance your learning experience.

2nd Step – Archetypal Profile:

This is the most important step or book of this whole program. This is where you will find about your archetype in detail. However, you will have to make some interpretation to understand your personality.

This step will tell you about your personality that you never know and I hope you will find the information that you are seeking for.

3rd Step – Archetypal Incarnations:

This step will introduce other sub-archetype or incarnations of your dominant archetype. It is important to understand, each archetype has several incarnations that form its entirety or traits.

Learning about these incarnations will help you in understanding your personality traits. However, depending on your family roots, certain incarnations may or may not present in you.

4th Step – Archetypal Odyssey:

In this step, you are going to discover the ideal life journey that your archetype has meant for you. You might or might not get obstacles in your direction but, the way you overcome these obstacles will define your success.

This step will reveal the best way you can overcome the obstacles that come in your direction, based on your archetype and its incarnations.

5th Step – Archetypal Exercise Guide:

This last step is one of the important steps of this program. This is because this step will tell you how you can apply everything that you learn about your archetype and its incarnations in your practical life.

You will find a series of exercises that will strengthen your knowledge and believe on your archetype and help you in choosing the right life path for yourself.

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Final Verdict – Is Premium Archetypal Analysis System For You?

Are you unhappy with what you are doing now? It may be possible you are acting against your nature without knowing it. In short, you may be working in a way that is not your strength. Individualogist’s archetype analysis report can show you the person you are so that you can stop working against your nature and start embracing it. Click the button below to take a FREE Quiz now to discover your Archetype.


That’s all from our Sharon’s Premium Archetypal Analysis review and I sincerely hope this review has cleared some of your doubts about this program. If you have any further questions about this program, then feel free to ask us, or if you tried this program, then make sure you share your feedback with us. Thanks and best of luck for your future.

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